Fact: Custom builds don’t always cost more.

The cost of building on a sloping site can vary depending on whether you are building your new home from a volume builder or a custom home builder like D.R.Gordon Building.
Volume builders produce homes from a limited amount of set plans which tend to suit flat sites.
Altering floor plans for these homes can be a challenge.  Some of these builders may prefer to remove the slope from the block, which can be very costly.
Choosing a custom builder like D.R.Gordon Building for a sloping block will not cost buyers any more than building on a flat block.
Building with a custom builder like D.R.Gordon Building, who is prepared to work with the block, means the result is price competitive.
D.R. Gordon Building can design specifically for any sloping block. We will Only measure the slope you build on.
If you have a sloping block you need to measure the amount of rise or fall over your proposed building area, not the entire block.
The key is to create a design that works with the block, slope and aspect to achieve the best result.
For example, building horizontally across the block rather than vertically will minimise the impact of the slope.
Another option is the Split-level home which is also cost effective.
A common design seen on sloping blocks is the single-storey split-level home.
The front half of the house may include a lounge room and master bedroom at street level, with stairs leading up to a kitchen, bathroom, family room and extra bedrooms.
A split-level home can look great on a sloping block.
The advantage of this design is that whether you’re entering through the front door or the back door you’re entering at ground level, with no need for a retaining wall.
If you have land with a slope and need advice on where to go from here, contact us today for a FREE consultation.