Why design and build an energy efficient home?

Building a home using good design principles can save:

  • Energy,

  • Water,

  • Money, and

  • Create a healthier, enjoyable and more comfortable home.

Ballarat Custom Homes (formerly D.R. Gordon Building) have been incorporating energy efficient building guidelines into our homes for many years. You can incorporate these too by finding energy efficient solutions through our Design and Build Service.

Energy Efficient Home Design for Ballarat

For a home to be energy efficient it needs to have all the right elements of design. A home that has been designed energy efficiently, will have considered the following things:

  • Orientation and location of the home on the block

  • Layout and zoning

  • Insulation

  • Glazing - windows, skylights and other glazed surfaces

  • Shading

  • Landscaping

  • Ventilation and draught proofing

  • Thermal mass

  • Universal Design

Start planning your energy efficient home: